JSC "CDBMB" will purchase blanks for NPP pumping equipment from ŽĎAS

Вторник, 16 Апрель 2019

JSC "CDBMB" (belongs to the Engineering Division of Rosatom – JSC Atomenergomash) has concluded a long-term contract with the Czech company ŽĎAS for delivery of forgings for manufacture of pumping equipment. The contract has been signed in the course of the XI International Forum ATOMEXPO-2019.
Under the contract, the Czech company will provide JSC "CDBMB" with blanks for reactor coolant pumps of several NPPs. Mechanically processed and tested forgings of second and third safety classes will be applied by JSC "CDBMB" for manufacturing components of reactor coolant pumps (GCNA-1391 type) and the newest pumps (GCNA-1753 type) with water lubrication of assemblies and motor.
"We always take very seriously the selection of suppliers of metal as our key contracts directly depend on them. JSC "CDBMB" has concluded the contract with ŽĎAS for the first time. ŽĎAS meets our criteria and has necessary competences. In March, representatives of JSC "CDBMB" has audited this company and verified availability of production. We need forgings made by ŽĎAS for execution of orders for three NPPs - Kursk NPP, Leningrad NPP and Akkuyu NPP. Also we are in negotiations on cooperation regarding other NPPs in Russia and abroad," stated Sergey Shchutskiy the First Deputy of General Director - Executive Director of JSC "CDBMB".
During 2019, ŽĎAS will manufacture over 400 forgings with total weight of approx. 200 tons for JSC "CDBMB". Depending on production requirements, the forgings will be mechanically and heat treated and subject to measuring and ultrasonic inspections.