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About us

"Central Design Bureau of Machine Building" (JSC "CDBMB") was established in 1945. The main activity of the company is pumping and remotely-operated equipment for nuclear facilities. JSC "CDBMB" specializes in developing and manufacturing reactor coolant pumps (RCP), canned pumps, centrifugal motor pumps for NPPs and remotely-operated equipment for nuclear industry.

JSC "CDBMB" is the only designer and manufacturer of reactor coolant pump sets for all water-cooled power reactors of VVER type in Russia. Our innovative development is reactor coolant pump set without oil system (GCNA-1753 type), all assemblies of which (including motor assemblies) are lubricated and cooled by water. RCPS design without oil system significantly increases NPP fire safety. Such an engineering solution does not have analogues in the world.

The company has a unique complex for providing full-scale tests of pumping equipment under conditions imitating all parameters of reactor operation (pressure, temperature and coolant type). All company's products delivered to NPPs are subject to testing at test rigs.

Remotely-operated equipment and transport-handling equipment developed by JSC "CDBMB" are intended for radioactive materials handling. It widely used at NPPs and spent fuel storage facilities (transportation, fuel assemblies dismantling in hot cells, packing into ampules, canisters and casks).