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Production system “Rosatom”

Rosatom Production System  (RPS) is a culture of lean production  and a system  of continuous improvement of processes that are used to ensure competitive preferences on global markets.

RPS is based on five principles that call employees to give utmost consideration to all customers’ requirements (not only to the end users, but also in-company customers like departments, shops, up to subsequent operators); handle issues on the spot as applicable; embed quality  into  processes, perform flawless production with no waste; uncover and eliminate any waste ( eg. excessive stock, inter-stage process gaps, equipment idle time, excessive moves, etc.); serve as an example for colleagues.

These principles are based on the best national and international practices and experience like the scientific system of  labour’s management used by the Ministry of Medium Machine Building in the USSR and Toyota Production System.   RPS is aligned with Rosatom’s strategic goals, while industry-specific RPS-projects are aimed at facilitating productivity growth, reducing production costs and improving product quality.  The competence in handling RPS tools shall be essential for professional development  and career advancement in the nuclear power industry.  

Early 2015, a decision was made on application of the systemic approach in RPS deployment in the enterprises:  decomposition of goals up to the level of site's head, optimization of production of main products of the enterprise (production flows), implementation of RPS-projects, training and motivation of employees.  By 2017, systemic approach was extended from ten to twenty-three RPS-enterprises.  There will be about thirty RPS-enterprises by 2020. Their products will represent about 80% of the total cost of Rosatom.

According to the RPS development concept, all enterprises where RPS is deployed in an integrated manner are divided into three levels:  “RPS Leader”, “RPS Candidate” and “RPS Reserve”. The enterprises which are “RPS Leaders” receive a pack of privileges (visits of the business trainer to the company, opportunities for workers to go to foreign and Russian flagship companies for exchange of experience, family resort vouchers, vouchers for training in the Rosatom Corporate Academy, participation in the project “Workspace Design” etc.). At the time, the RPS implementation in the enterprises has already enabled to reach considerable savings, reduction of stockpiles in warehouses and reduction of time needed for scheduled-preventive maintenance at Russian's NPPs.

In 2017, JSC "CDBMB" obtained the “RPS Leader” status due to progress and improvement of two principal streams: "RCPS removable part manufacture" and "Piping of RCPS auxiliary systems", systematic work on which had been already launched since 2014. The fulfillment of qualitative and quantitative indicators together with business goals was performed (share of full costs,  turnover of supply orders, labor productivity). The peer review carried out in JSC "CDBMB" in 2017 and 2018 and engagement survey confirmed achievement and consolidation of good results.

In March 2018, JSC "CDBMB" confirmed the “RPS Leader” status and took the first place in the ranking of RPS-enterprises of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.