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To contribute to the development of nuclear power engineering participating effectively in carrying out the tasks of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom by development and maintenance of reliable, safe, and high-quality pumping and remotely-operated equipment upon continuous striving for satisfaction improvement of all interested parties with the purpose of maintaining high standards of people's lives and achieving growth of the company's business results.
The strategy of the company reflects the vision of JSC "CDBMB" as a key supplier and specialist in the field of pumping and remotely-operated equipment intended for nuclear facilities and reactor plants of new generation (based on high scientific-technical level and quality of products in demand at domestic and international market, implementation of innovative technologies, strengthening of material resources, modern approaches to human resource management while maintaining the required level of social protection), being committed to strengthening and building up market leadership and competitive advantages.

-  increase in the volume of sales of typical (upgraded) and new types of equipment in growing markets of nuclear power engineering of Russia and foreign countries  through a life cycle of products (from development to decommissioning);
-  improvement of the key product (RCPS), reduction of costs and specialization in our own production of products;
-  leading developments of innovative equipment for fast reactors of new generation in accordance with strategic goals of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom including development of our own test rigs capacities;
-  diversification of products by using and implementing own technologies in non-nuclear market;
-  growth of strategic assets of the company which includes knowledge-based capital.