CDBMB on the top of Europe


In June, a group of JSC “CDBMB” employees climbed Elbrus. It took several days for the hiking trail along the northern side of the mountain.
Preparations for the expedition began in the autumn of 2018, when the route of the campaign and the participants were approved, among them there were three JSC “CDBMB” design engineers: Ignat Kozitsky, Yevgeny Zhilin and Ivan Komarevtsev.
“We have chosen a difficult route along the northern side of Elbrus, - Ignat Kozitsky says. - Our journey began on the first of June from the Emmanuel's Glade (2596 meters above sea level), named after the general who first conquered Elbrus. Hence we made our acclimatization ascents. The first such climb was the ascent to the glade "Stone Mushrooms" (height of 3200 meters)”.
After three days of adaptation, the group, despite the blizzard, climbed higher and pitched tents in the base camp "Northern Shelter" (3800 meters) from which they had to start the ascent. After a rest, climbers made a trial climbing in a team to Rocks of Lenz (4200 meters). In a day after weather improvement at two o'clock in the morning the group went to win the mountain top.
The ascent took more than nine hours. During this time, JSC “CDBMB” climbers outrun three other groups, met the dawn and reached the top first.
On June 8, at 11.30 am, the group safely reached Eastern peak of Elbrus (5621 m).