JSC "CDBMB" shipped equipment for the Armenian NPP


JSC "Central Design Bureau of Machine Building" successfully tested and shipped pump equipment for the Armenian NPP. Two centrifugal pump sets will be mounted into reactor cooling system as part of the activities to extend NPP Power Unit 2 lifetime.

Centrifugal pump sets are intended for operation in the Lower Pressure Emergency Core Cooling System (LP ECCS). LP ECCS decreases core temperature and compensates for losses of primary coolant in case of emergency situations at NPP Power Unit.
"This is a new product in the product lineup of JSC "CDBMB". We have applied many of our practices and many years of experience of engineers, designers and test engineers throughout the implementation of the project. The required parameters have been obtained while testing the pumps at test rigs. After shipment the equipment will be mounted at the Customer's site under our supervision" said Ilya Babkov, Supply Chain Director of JSC "CDBMB".
JSC “CDBMB” is a Russian exclusive designer and manufacturer of reactor coolant pumps for water-cooled power reactors (VVER type). Also the Company designs and manufactures other types of pumps such as canned, overhang, feed water and emergency pumps. In 2016 JSC “CDBMB” extended product lineup and concluded contracts for manufacture and delivery of pump equipment for NPP turbine islands. Development of new types of the products enabled the Company to become a full-package supplier and increase the order portfolio.