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Equipment of spent fuel assembly dismantling and cutting department

 Equipment for spent fuel assemblies dismantling

Hot cell for dismantling spent fuel assemblies (SFA) is a leak-tight compartment for arrangement of main technological equipment. The hot cell is equipped with the lighting system, monitoring system, ventilation system, and systems of supply, distribution and discharge of process media (air, water, washing solutions). The hot cell is also equipped with devices for sealing of temporary and mounting openings and devices for collection and removal of liquid and solid radioactive wastes. JSC "CDBMB" provides activities related to designing, developing and manufacturing almost all types of main equipment for the hot cell intended for SFA dismantling.
For transport and handling operations, hot cell is equipped with hoisting equipment, such as cable trolley and jib cranes. Jib crane is a remotely-operated transport and handling machine with load blocks and emergency drives.
Lifting device with tilter is used for transport and handling operations while dismantling SFA, particularly:
•SFA putting into lifting tool;
•SFA vertical displacement (together with load block and gripping device of jib crane) and placement in the correct positions (providing SFA elements fixing using clamping tool of milling and cutting machine);
•tilting of lower bundle of fuel elements of SFA (rotation of bundle of fuel elements with end grid upward).

Operating parts of lifting device are located inside the SFA cutting chamber and connected with drives in the operator's room by means of passes through the wall of cutting chamber.
Milling and cutting machine is intended for remote cutting of SFA and other elements (eg. safety channels with trapped SFA) as well as additional absorbers rods, CPS, etc.
Principal operating parts of the machine are located inside the cutting chamber and connected with drives in a "clean" room, remote transmissions through passes in the wall of cutting chamber.
The control of machine is remote using control panel in the operator's room. Button-type control is provided along with semi-automatic and automatic control of operations. In addition, there is a manual control by means of hand wheel.
Upon developing equipment for SFA dismantling, the experience of development, manufacture and operation of similar equipment for NPP and research centers has been applied.

Remotely-operated equipment providing handling of radioactive substances has been developed, manufactured and applied at NPPs (Beloyarsk NPP, Novovoronezh NPP, Leningrad NPP, Kursk NPP, etc.), in the research institutions and at industrial plants (the National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute", the Scientific Research Institute of Atomic Reactors - JSC "SSC RIAR", Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute named by B.P. Konstantinov of National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" (PNPI), Production Association "Mayak", etc.). Equipment complex for the first Russian plant RT-1 intended for regeneration of nuclear waste and equipment for cells intended for dismantling space nuclear power plants "Buk", "Topol", "Romashka", "Yenisei" have been developed.
Milling and turning lathes, cutting machines, boring machines,  lifting-turning tables, clamping mechanisms, grippers and other remotely-operated equipment for hot cells, developed by JSC "CDBMB", are protected by dozens of copyright certificates and patents including foreign ones.