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Reloading equipment

Since 1967, JSC "CDBMB" has started a development of special remotely-operated equipment of hot cells for industrial, power and research nuclear facilities including reloaders, manipulators, robots, machines, and automated assembling lines. The following equipment complexes were developed and applied in the field of marine nuclear power: in 1972 - for refueling reactors of nuclear icebreakers "Lenin" and "Arctic", in 1975 - for replacement and repair of ОК-500 plants, in 1981-1982 - for refueling reactor of nuclear icebreaker "Siberia", in 1986 - for refueling nuclear power units of nuclear icebreakers ("Russia", "Soviet Union", "Yamal", "Taimyr", "Vaigach" and lighter carrier "Sevmorput").


RZM-488 reloader for refueling high-power channel reactors (RMBK type)


In the field of stationary nuclear power engineering, a unique achievement is the development of RZM-488 reloader for refueling high-power channel reactors (RMBK type) without shutdown.  Since 1973, eighteen machines have been manufactured and some of them have been successfully operated even today at Leningrad NPP, Kursk NPP and Smolensk NPP.  For improving safety, the works on modernization of RZM-488 are regularly carried out fulfilling up-to-date requirements of regulatory documents of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia (Rostekhnadzor).

Remotely-operated equipment for hot cells intended for handling radioactive materials (special machines, manipulators, robots), developed by JSC "CDBMB", has operated at Beloyarsk NPP, Novovoronezh NPP, Leningrad NPP, Kursk NPP,  the Federal State Unitary Enterprise  "Mining and Chemical Plant", the Production Association "Mayak" and at other enterprises of nuclear industry of Russia.
Over the last years, the company has performed works on development of complexes of remotely-operated equipment for hot cells intended for SFA dismantling at Leningrad NPP, Kursk NPP, Smolensk NPP for such thematic orientation within a framework of the "Program on activities of the State Nuclear Energy Corporation Rosatom" for long-term period from 2009 to 2015.
Within federal special purpose program "’Ensuring Nuclear and Radiation Safety for 2008 -2015", the company carried out works on delivery and commissioning of non-standardized equipment for dry storage of spent nuclear fuel at the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Mining and Chemical Plant" (Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsky region).

Since 2011, the company has started works on development of equipment complex for fuel production for fast reactors of BN-800 type including development and delivery of equipment for fuel assemblies fabrication (under the departmental special purpose program on development of industrial production of MOX-fuel). In 2014 the works were finished, the tests and installation of equipment at Customer's site were carried out.
In 2017, the most large-scale and crucial project was implemented. The project on manufacture and delivery to the Customer of unique equipment for assembly and encapsulation of fuel elements for the fabrication-refabrication module, was implemented within a framework of industrial program "Proryv".