JSC "CDBMB" sends a batch of equipment to Koodankulam NPP


JSC "CDBMB" has delivered the batch of equipment for the 1st and 2nd units of Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant (India). Spare parts kits of the total weight of fifty tons include bearings, thrust rings, RCP removable part’s casing, electromagnets, a spare RCP removable part and will be used for scheduled maintenance of reactor coolant pumps GCNA-1391.

“Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant is one of our key overseas customers. We deliver reactor coolant pumps, spare parts and accessory equipment on the regular basis and provide continuous service support”,- says JSC "CDBMB" supply director Ilya Babkov.
Reactor coolant pump sets (RCPS) is an essential and integral part of the reactor plant. RCPS provides intensive circulation of coolant in the reactor primary circuit. NPP safety operation is directly related to reliable and continuous operation of RCPS.

"Central Design Bureau of Machine Building" is the only designer and manufacturer of reactor coolant pump sets for water-cooled power reactors (VVER-type) in Russia. Many years of experience of engineers, design engineers and test engineers of JSC "CDBMB" have allowed to develop pump sets that fulfil international standards of nuclear power industry. Reactor coolant pump sets of JSC "CDBMB" have been successfully applied at NPPs in Russia and foreign countries.
For decades "Central Design Bureau of Machine Building" (established in 1945) has been developing and producing high-technology equipment for nuclear industry: reactor coolant pumps (RCP), canned and console pumps, feeding and emergency pumps, and a wide range of remotely-operated equipment for radioactive material handling.