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Reactor coolant pump sets

CDBMB has designed a new main circulation pump for NPPs


CDBMB develops and produces new single-shaft main circulation pump GTsNA-1753 which can replace it’s predecessor – GTsNA-1391 and can be used in projects NPP-2006 and “VVER-TOI” as well.

GTsNA-1753 increases the competitiveness in the global market by creating the unique product, which has no analogues at famous manufacturers GTsNA

New GTsNA-1753 provides the following benefits:

-         Using tricycle landing structure with a single shaft and elimination of one bearing increases efficiency of GTsNA and saves electric power.

-         Elimination of the oil system (oil container, oil cooler and oil pump) leads to pump’s weight reduction and increases fire safety of the reactor compartment;

-         Maximum unification and referentiality with GTsNA nodes previously exploited (high reliability);

-         Easy access to radial support bearing, possibility of repair without dismantling the engine – decreases time losses;

-         Enlargement of overhaul period at 1.5 times allows to exploit single-shaft GTsNA-1753 on NPPs with 18-month fuel cycle;

-         Improved characteristics of reliability and increasing efficiency of the new GTsNA lead to significant cost savings.





High reliability, longevity

The GTsN-1391 Reactor Coolant Pump is designed to circulate the coolant in the closed circuit of NPP with WWER-1000 (earthquake-resistant design). The pump is centrifugal, single-stage, vertical with a unit of a face shaft seal, cantilever impeller, axial water supply and a remote asynch


ronous motor (with a flywheel).

Just before switching on the pump to decrease frictional forces in operational pairs of the radial-axial bearing an unloading electromagnet is used.

  • There are two unfastening zones for reacting seismic loads.
  • There are stops to restrict the pump emergency moving when the primary circuit pipe-line is broken.
  • Bearings are cooled and lubricated with water.
  • High reliability, long continuous operation.


  Feed, m3/hr


  Head, m (kgf/cm2)

89.4 ± 3.5 (6.5 ± 0.25)

  Coolant temperature, °С

290 ÷ 300

  Inlet pressure, МPа (kgf/сm2)

15.3 (156)

  Pump unit power:  
  -at hot water, kW


  -at cold water, kW


  Supply voltage, V


  Supply frequency, Hz


  Moment of inertia (CD2), тЧм2


  Rotational speed (synchronous), rpm


  Mass (electric motor), tons

120 (41.7)

  Overall dimensions, mm:  


  -in plan


  Cooling water flow, m3:  
  -primary circuit


  -service water




  -oil cooler


  -radial bearing and operational seal unit

silica graphite

  -radial bearing

graphite-fluoroplast on steel

  Lifetime, years


  Operation without maintenance, hr