CDBMB will supply the pumping equipment to Akkuyu NPP power units

JSC “Central Design Bureau of Machine Building” have concluded the contracts for the supply of pump equipment for four power units of Akkuyu NPP (Turkey) under construction
Centrifugal angular-flow pump units are intended for the cooling water supply to turbine condensers. Vertical centrifugal pumps of essential cooling system are used for water supply under all operation conditions of the unit. Each NPP power unit will be supplied with four angular-flow and vertical pumps.
CDBMB is the supplier of the main pumping equipment for Akkuyu NPP as well. In January 2018 the company successfully passed the audit by the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) and received a Manufacturer’s certificate. CDBMB will supply the reactor coolant pump units GTsNA-1753, main and auxiliary feeding pump of the turbine building for the first power unit “Akkuyu-1”.
Central Design Bureau of Machine Building (founded in 1945) is one of the leading companies of Rosatom State Atomiс Energy Corporation. The company has an interdisciplinary design team, its own research, experimental and production base. CDBMB is the only Russian developer and manufacturer of the reactor coolant pump (RCP) for water-cooled power reactor s(VVER). In addition, the company designs and manufactures the canned, cantilever, feeding, emergency pumps for nuclear power plants and a wide range of remotely controlled equipment for handling the radioactive materials.
CDBMB development strategy specifies an increase in sales in the Russian and international nuclear energy markets, the development of innovative equipment in accordance with the strategic goals of Rosatom State Atomiс Energy Corporation, as well as product diversification using proprietary technologies in adjacent markets. CDBMB currently offer the technological solutions in the field of thermal energy, gas and petrochemicals (LNG technologies), shipbuilding (shallow-draught icebreakers and icebreakers of 10510 "Leader" project) and equipment for waste processing plants.